We Are So Lightly Here…

It just feels so auspicious. I can feel that calendar page being lifted, turned and settling down. It’s a new day, new year, new breath to take. What I wish is for us all to wake up to it. We are so privileged. If we have access to this blog then undoubtedly we are somewhere lit, and somewhere warm. Probably safe, and have the time to either live, or waste. There is a roof over our heads, we are the lucky ones; we have a home on this earth. We have our great joys and our petty concerns. And so on, and so on. How privileged is that.

We need to surpass ourselves.
Grow our selves.
Use our hearts.
Take chances.
Listen in.
Look out.

Leonard, I always hear you singing something that catches my attention. “We are so lightly here…” How true. We are fragile. And yet so strong. And then, we’re gone! But we have the chance and the opportunity and the privilege to leave a mark on every single day of every month of this new calendar year. Already it’s close to midnight, January 1st, 2008. Go!

Let’s shine. Make it illuminating, stellar…of the stars.

Good Life

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  1. Barb says:

    Dearest Diane – your writing is so thoughtful, personal and insightful – wonderful – its you! – Love Barb

    Fire – Judy Brown

    What makes a fire burn
    is space between the logs,
    a breathing space.
    Too much of a good thing,
    too many logs
    packed in too tight
    can douse the flames
    almost as surely
    as a pail of water would.
    So building fires
    requires attention
    to the spaces in between,
    as much as to the wood.
    When we are able to build
    open spaces
    in the same way
    we have learned
    to pile on the logs,
    then we can come to see how
    it is fuel, and absence of the fuel
    together, that make fire possible.
    We only need to lay a log
    lightly from time to time.
    A fire grows
    simply because the space is there,
    with openings
    in which the flame
    that knows just how it wants to burn
    can find its way.

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